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Fic: At Least Say Please


a hodgepodge of prompt bits, notably one from candco who enjoyed Bossy!Kurt and wanted more and also spinmybowtie who wanted fingering (among other things I didn’t get to). Once again, in true porn off style, I wrote this fast and am my only beta, which means…mistakes ahoy.

@missbeizy, I enjoyed the furtive blowjob porn, but Bossy Kurt wants to know what’s next?

“No, put it on the third shelf,” Kurt says over his shoulder. Blaine pauses, arm stretched most of the way to the top of the bookcase.

“But Kurt it’s a textbo—”

“No the color of the spine will look good with the theme of the third shelf.”

Blaine frowns. That doesn’t even make sense. And it won’t actually look good. Behind him, Kurt sighs. “Blaine, just trust me and do it.”

Blaine bites his lip and thumps it down a little harder than necessary. He’s still in his school clothes and it’s been a long day; all he wants is a warm drink and his pj’s.

“Hey,” Kurt looks up when he passes the kitchen table, “What’s up?” He looks so honestly clueless it lessens some of Blaine’s irritation.

“You’re such a bossypants sometimes,” Blaine says with a smile.

“Well no actually these pants are a great steal I got from EBay, they’re—”

“Kurt,” Blaine tries not to laugh, “just say you’re sorry or that you’ll say please next time.”

“Oh,” Kurt kisses him, lips sweetly contrite. “Sorry honey.”

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My Sweet Boy.


Anonymous Inquired: Please can you write more innocent kurt when he rides badboy Blaine’s cock enthusiastically ?:) 

Anonymous Inquired: Anything with innocent bp!kurt getting fucked by Blaine.

Authors Notes/Warnings: Bp!Kurt themes. Mature Content. Riding. Sex. If you do not like the boypussy kink, I suggest you don’t read.

Kurt never fully understood as to how he wound up in such positions, yet when having a boyfriend like Blaine Anderson of all people, you learned to eventually stop asking questions. First, the shirt went off, followed by his pants and choice in underwear. Heated pants could be felt against his ear. Blaine was kissing, his hands touching the more innocent of the two in all the right places. All the porcelain beauty could do was wiggle and squirm beneath him. His mind didn’t understand what had been going on and yet his body — his body knew exactly what he needed.

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KLAINE, the moment

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Darren Criss with Lauren Lopez backstage at “How To Succeed In Business…” (January 2012) | Source

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